Mindsights™ OneNote Office 365 Solutions.
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​​More than ever, successful organizations and individuals need to quickly apply innovative thinking to changing information to create continuous strategic advantage.

 Mindsights™ One Note Office 365 Solutions offers a revolutionary approach for improving individual thinking productivity and harnessing the collective intelligence of teams by teaming with Nth Degree Software, Inc. to fully and seamlessly integrate the Nth Degree MINDSIGHTS™ Product Suite into OneNote Office 365  Canvases.

In a just-in-time approach, MindSights™ OneNote Office 365 Solutions has developed 25 separate MindSights™ OneNote Office 365 Facilitated Thinking Environment Canvases (FTEC) that provide the right questions, tools, and thinking switches (thinklets) to help individuals and teams think faster, more clearly, more creatively.

You and your team are as close as any Web browser to the full intellectual property of MindSights™.

With the MindSights™ OneNote Office 365 FTECs your team have fully functioning OneNote Office 365 functionality with your own personal MindSights FTECs.

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