What If ... there was a way to amplify your creativity, problem solving, decision making and all your thinking abilities anytime you choose? What If ... there was a way that your thinking could be facilitated from the wisdom of the worlds best consultants, educators, and coaches ... on-demand?

There is ... it's called MindSights Facilitated Thinking Technology. Use it to improve your natural thinking abilities in the following areas:

1. Innovation: Your job and organization's survival are now dependant on continuous innovation. Use MindSights' applications to improve Personal, Team and Organizational innovation effectiveness.

2. Problem Solving: Problems come in different flavors ranging from the need to quickly put out fires to solving very complex systems problems. Use the right MindSights application to fit your problem solving needs

3. Leadership: Today's workplace requires that we all acquire 21st century leadership skills. Use MindSights applications to help people collaborate better, leverage collective intelligence, and support others in reaching their full potential and contributions.

4. Personal Mastery & Self Education: The world is changing too fast ... we all need to be more responsible for our own development. MindSights' self-mentoring /self-coaching applications use a "learn-by-doing" approach. They work as if a skilled human teacher, mentor or coach were directly working with you.

We have taken our Mindsights FTEs and have adopted them for use as a canvases to support team wishing to apply the The Business Model Canvas that was initially proposed by Alexander Osterwalder based on his earlier work on Business Model Ontology.

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Mindsights™ OneNote Office 365 Solutions.

​​More than ever, successful organizations and individuals need to quickly apply innovative thinking to changing information to create continuous strategic advantage.

 Mindsights™ One Note Office 365 Solutions offers a revolutionary approach for improving individual thinking productivity and harnessing the collective intelligence of teams by teaming with Nth Degree Software, Inc. to fully and seamlessly integrate the Nth Degree MINDSIGHTS™ Product Suite into OneNote Office 365  Canvases.