Mindsights™ OneNote Office 365 Solutions.

​​More than ever, successful organizations and individuals need to quickly apply innovative thinking to changing information to create continuous strategic advantage.

 Mindsights™ One Note Office 365 Solutions offers a revolutionary approach for improving individual thinking productivity and harnessing the collective intelligence of teams by teaming with Nth Degree Software, Inc. to fully and seamlessly integrate the Nth Degree MINDSIGHTS™ Product Suite into OneNote Office 365  Canvases.

Personal Innovation - Empowers individual workers to build upon their personal strengths and tap into their creative talents to make performance improvements. 

Collaborative / Team Innovation - Facilitates self-organizing and customer-led teams to quickly experiment and develop innovations.

Organizational Innovation - Guides formal project teams to develop “Big Picture” innovations.

Basic 90-min. Problem Solving Coach - When you or your team needs a quick resolution. It guides you or your team through a simple series   of questions and tools that increases the quality of results and gives enough certainty and agreement that you can take effective action.

Creative Problem Solving Coach - Alex Osborn and Dr. Sidney Parnes developed the Creative Problems Solving Process (CPS) in the 1950s. Use this OneNote FTEC application to guide you or your team to find creative problem solutions.

Systems Problem Solving Coach - Problems generally do not exist in isolation. Use this OneNote FTEC application for complex problems. Instead of concentrating on resolving a specific problem, this application focuses on resolving the whole by analyzing the interrelationship between the problem parts.

Root Cause Problem Solving Coach - Root cause analysis (RCA) is about returning the problem back to a prior condition or standard.  The purpose of RCA is to take corrective actions and prevent the problem from ever happening again. Use this OneNote FTEC application to determine the right point (root cause) where change can have the greatest impact on solving the problem.

How to Solve Any Problem - Use this problem solving OneNote FTEC application to resolve any problem/situation in any area of your personal or work life. The key to solving problems, no matter how complex or difficult, is to define and resolve the “easiest part first.” This method allows a gradual way of confronting what may appear to be an insurmountable situation.

Question-it - A good question stimulates the mind to find the best ideas, answers, and solutions. Use this OneNote FTEC application with 28 question sets and over 1,500 questions to help guide your team to develop their own great questions. You can also easily integrate questions into any process.

Thinklets Tool-sets - People rarely bring to mind all the right tools and questions that support their thinking. This OneNote FTEC application contains over 175 cognition tools (thinklets). Tools are organized by these seven basic thinking functions: Observation, Definition, Data Gather & Analysis, Systems Analysis, Creativity, Decision Making, and Implementation.

MBA Mentor - MBA Mentor contains cognitive tools, called Thinklets, that represent best practices and tools distilled from over 20,000 pages of information. This self-mentoring product is designed to be used on-demand as if you had your MBA professors or skilled consultants mentoring you when and where you needed help.

Meeting Mentor - Jump start your meeting planning by choosing from pre-developed meeting agendas. Also use this OneNote FTEC application during meetings by accessing a powerful thinking task matrix that helps ask the right questions as if you have an expert guiding you.

Consultants On-Demand - These 14 Consultants On-Demand OneNote FTEC applications function much like human consultants who deliver advice by asking the right questions, recommending the right tools to use, and offering successful practices, methods and insights.

Strategic Planning - Strategic planning is the process of determining your business/organization’s long-term vision or goals and how to fulfill them. Use this OneNote FTEC application to develop a framework for decision making on what short/long-term actions are important for achieving your organization’s success.

Project Management - Use this OneNote FTEC application to help complete your project on-time, within budget, and exceeding expectations.

Lean Six Sigma Six-sigma - is a methodology and set of tools used to improve quality to near perfection This simplified Six Sigma OneNote FTEC approach uses the DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) to improve your business and organizational processes.

Professional Meeting Facilitator - The secret for successful meetings comes from having a “Facilitator Mindset” that concentrates on “How” to improve meeting participants’ “productivity of thought.” This OneNote FTEC application empowers any meeting leader with professional skills to run successful meetings … every time!

Goal Setting Assistant - A goal describes what the problem or opportunity will look like after it has been resolved. Without clear goals, people scatter ideas around as they occur. After all, “If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to get there?”  

Team Building Assistant - Amazing things happen in teams when everyone has balanced work, common goals, and good relationships. Such teams do not just happen; they are carefully built and maintained. Use this OneNote FTEC application to help build your high performance team.

Decision Making Coach - When confronted with decision making, we instinctively draw upon the skills with which we are most   familiar to guide us.  However, the decision making thought patterns we are accustomed to using might not always lead to making the right decision. Use this OneNote FTEC application to help you make better decisions.

Critical Thinking Self-Coach - Scholars see a correlation between asking self-awareness questions and effective critical thinking. This OneNote FTEC application provides eight Personal Mastery critical thinking skill set areas. By using them you will master them … and produce lifelong performance improvements.

Personal Life Self-Coach - It is one thing to want to change, for life to get better; it is quite another to make it happen. Like a human life-coach, this “coach-in-a-box” OneNote FTEC application guides you in clarifying of your life’s purposes, setting long and short-term goals, and taking deliberate actions to better manage life change and work challenges.

Time Management Self-Coach - Time management is a very important business and personal skill. This OneNote FTEC application helps you make conscious choices, so you can spend this non-renewable resource as effectively and productively as possible.

Mental Muscle Builder - Just as the body develops physical muscle with exercise, the brain develops mental muscle (myelin & dendrites) with mental exercise. Use this OneNote FTEC application to strengthen your brain and improve your overall thinking abilities. 

Career Development Self-Coach - The purpose of this career development OneNote FTEC application is to help you clarify what you really want out of life.  It does not give you “answers” or choose your vocation for you, but like the human coach it asks you questions to help you discover your true vocation and choose a path that is best for you in your life.